A little bit of background

Gameplan for this next year

I ran my regular body mass index (BMI) test with those not so terribly accurate handhelds at LA Fitness.  Summer of 2017 and I had been doing cardio for an hour and weights/resistance/pull-ups for an hour; 3 to 4 times a week.  Every workout, I would run in, weigh myself and find out what my body fat reading was; I mentally started to prepare.  It didn’t matter how long I worked out, weights I pushed, situps, chin ups etc… it wasn’t decreasing. My weight actually went down,  but not my BMI.  And so far, I was “very high”.  I despised the little squares blinking as they slowly move further to right whispering… “Jana, you obviously aren’t a healthy person. I mean look at that BMI, crazy high lady!”  Sure, on the outside, one couldn’t tell if I was truly an overweight/obese person. BUT, I knew.  Sure, I could pull down 5.10’s at the local climbing gym. Run a few miles on a whim. Lift weights.  Deep down inside I knew that I could be doing all of those a helluva lot better.

Was it my age, my hormones, Nexplanon birth control, my diet, lack of sleep, the hundreds of injuries I had prior or did I just not have it in me anymore?  I didn’t want to be that 40 something who decided to just toss in the towel and accept my rather depressing future of inactivity and larger clothing sizes (although I had bandwagon’d it a few times).  It bugged me already that a bra I used to wear when I was way heavier, now chaffed my underarms!  I am at my biggest size. According to the Center for disease and control, I was overweight.  My BMI was a 28%.  Ouch! I should be around 18 to 21 percent to be healthy.

What in heavens name?!?

A few years ago, I “liked” some strangers quote on a wall of someone we knew in common.  She reached out to me.  I’m not sure how the convo started, but it eventually lead to information regarding the Isagenix product.  Honestly, I was sold.  But, it was gradual.  I’m not the sort to jump on and try some new product that instantly changes your bodies weight and health.  I knew that it takes time; proper diet and exercise.  I had been watching this gals posts for the past 3 years.  Reading and seeing about all these people she had helped facilitate amazing, and even average, but successful changes.  I figured why not? Well, in the beginning, it was the cost. 600 buck-a-roos.  Hey, I earned a living picking up dog poo from homeowners’ yards for two years.  Yes, I made a few bucks, but not a whole lot of wiggle room to make such a purchase.  And then, when I was finally ready to buy and bought, I was bombarded with a lot of negative reviews and commentary.  I panicked and canceled my order.  I wasn’t sure what to do anymore.  This was my game plan to eating better, and it vanished. Poof!

On a side note, the past few months,  I could feel my health deteriorate.  Right down the toilet.  I have been sick since Thanksgiving.  I’ve had a cough that has lasted about 3 months… which I finally saw a doc for today. Tomorrow I find out what bug is beating me up.

Back to the story.  I stumbled across a post about Plexus.  Here’s the difference.  Instead of it being solely about weight loss,  it was attacking the problem (and increasing body well-being) at a cellular level. At a gut level where your biomes and probiotics come into play.  Something I hadn’t taken into consideration. My mind started turning.  In my Plexus post, you’ll get a better understanding of the product; albeit not exactly short, but then science never is.

Okay, so get my enzymes and other cellular stuff under control. Figure out an exercise routine that holds me accountable. Eat healthy via pre-pared meals, and supplement with meal shakes in the mornings.  Perfect.

The Camp Transformation Center.  My Facebook feed showed this chick with a most awesome body flexing in a push-up stance.  Wow.  I want to be her!  It was advertised as the FREE 6-week weight loss challenge.  You had to go to an interview to see if you could be a contestant. THAT’S where they get you. Throughout the spiel, they casually throw out the concept of off-loading $500 to be held as ransom.  Basically, you either lose 20 lbs or 5% body fat and you get your money back.  If not, you’re out $500.  Based on my size, I needed to lose 5%.  You have to lose it in 6 weeks.  You have to work out a total of 30 times at their gym. Eat a diet they determine prior. Use a food scale (not something I’d ever a second thought to and probably going to be annoying). And as a hard body challenge person, I have to also do after work out, workouts.  This starts February 25th (I’ll keep you posted ;)).

There you a have it.  My game plan to healthier lifestyle and living.  A body I am happy with and in shape.  I was in pretty good shape by late 30’s.  I can be again.  We’ve all read about the 90-year-old grandpa bodybuilder and the 80-year-old lady who can run multiple marathons.  I  need to kick start this bad boy for future happiness.


Plexus. Body challenge for 6 weeks. Eat Meal plans that send you carefully portioned meals 3 times week.  Isagenix meal replacements for breakfast and lunch or dinner.  Cheap? Not really.  Worth it? I’m counting on it.  I know many of you have kids, maybe a full-time job as well, and most likely a significant other.  It may not fit everyone’s situation.  Fortunately for me, I have the flexibility as a self-employed maid service owner, with no kids.

On a side note, I am going to be working with a physician to see how premenopause, birth control, my Bi-Polar meds are affecting my current situation.  How can they not be?  Game on.

Author: JLovelady

A perimenopause, Bi-Polar, survivor, returned Mormon, small business owner, everyday gals journey to achieving a greater quality of living.

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