We all die someday. But not today.

I know I’ve joked about dying. But I was actually in a serious condition the past 24 hours.

I want to share an article.

Gresham single mom dies after going to hospital with flu symptoms.
(Via FOX 12 Oregon).

I went to see my physician yesterday. What started out as a painful, hacking cough that jarred my entire body with low back pains, literally morphed into a 102.5 degree beast. I was a bit worried. I hurt terribly last night. You name it, it happened. I called my physician, told him what’s up and they wanted to see me. After waiting 1.45 hours, I got in. I was never so moody, in pain, and annoyed.

I saw another doctor. She got my temperature. I had aspirin about an hour before and I felt a little better. 102 degrees. What? Great. 102 is not sign of a breaking fever. She was concerned.  She prescribed a Z-pack, Tessalon Pearls and Sudafed 12 hr. Here’s the kicker. She said if my fever didn’t drop in the next few hours after I took another aspirin, I’d have to go to the ER. You can get seizures and blood clots and die. Well, that’s not good.

The article above stated how a 36 year old women died. She went in for the flu, got aspirin and told to drink plenty of liquids. That night she had a high fever. Her boyfriend brought her in unconscious. She died 2 days later. It was discovered she had pneumonia, but picked up a an agressive blood infection, MRSA, during her initial visit.

There were many times in my life I wanted to die and put myself in dangerous situations in the hopes someone else would hurt me. I tried to shoot myself once. But today, even though the odds were slim that that event could have happened to me, I realised I wanted to live. I had so much more life to live.

I have an opportunity to get my health back and be fit and uninjured again. I wanted that so much! I honestly prayed to Heavenly Father asking him to help me heal quickly and not take me home yet.

When I came home, I crawled into bed with chills. About an hr later, woke up sweating to death. I knew I was on the rebound. My temp is 100, but that’s nothing. 😉

Life is short and beautiful. I don’t think I’ll ever take it for granted again.

Author: JLovelady

A perimenopause, Bi-Polar, survivor, returned Mormon, small business owner, everyday gals journey to achieving a greater quality of living.

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