The Greatest Showman

Greatest Showman Trailer (click image)

A. Must. See. Movie.

Tonight, I saw it for a second time. I was just as moved as the first time! I practically jumped out of my seat, wanting to hit the play button again the first time. Exciting and FUN! Upbeat. The music and cinematography was amazing. Fantastic shots and dancing. Motivational, moving and even tear inducing. Even though I did some research about certain characters, and found a few to be completely made up; I didn’t mind one bit. The creativity was backdropped by historical validity.

Hugh Jackman does an incredible job of being P.T. Barnum. What a stage presence! He commands your attention. While, he made mistakes in life, like most good people, he was able to recognize his errors and become better for it.

The Greatest Showman is gentle, touching and romantic. It hits close to home and today’s issues. Do we follow our dreams? Do we take chances? Are we authentic or try to blend in with the norm? Be yourself. I think pretty much every character has a moment where they either go and do, or just sit there. Chasing sucess, falling in love and taking a stand for yourself were some examples.

The rejection of the odd, unaccepted and despised in society is an underlying theme. Who is to say what’s the standard or norm for everyone? You don’t have to be best friends with everybody, but that does not give one the right to treat those you do not agree with, cruelly.

Disespect. Selfishness. Embarrassment. Do we treat the ones we befriend or love, with equal value as the rest of whom we associate? Or not acknowledge them when in the presence of others not so accepting?

I think the movie could be summed up by these 2 quotes.

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else”.

P.T. Barnum

“When you’re careless with other people, you bring ruin upon yourself”.

Jenny Lind, world’s greatest opera singer at that time

Excellent, excellent movie. Inspiring, motivating, foot stomping and smile creating favorite. I’ll be buying this one.

Author: JLovelady

A perimenopause, Bi-Polar, survivor, returned Mormon, small business owner, everyday gals journey to achieving a greater quality of living.

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