Plexus had arrived!

I’m excited to start my Plexus adventure tomorrow. I’m not a nutritionist, doctor, nurse, or scientist. I can only share my findings based on my body. As everyone states with any product, no two results are the same. Lol. That’s fine. Anyone who thinks that, probably has other unrealistic body perceptions.

You may be thinking, why am I up at this hour? 2:25am. I’ll tell you why. It’s called my grad school application essay. What’s worse, I thought it said 2000 words. About 1000 words into it, I thought, this is crazy. What other fluff can I add? I re-read the instructions…. 2000 characters! Ugh. Now, I need to cut it in half. That’s okay; easier to do. 😉

Regular sleep is something I’ll need to adjust as part of the Plexus plan; any part of living a healthy lifestyle. One of my nemesis.

I thought I’d post this real quick. If you’re using the Plexus product, please share your experience! I think it’s beneficial to share notes. 🙂 Ta-Da!!

Author: JLovelady

A perimenopause, Bi-Polar, survivor, returned Mormon, small business owner, everyday gals journey to achieving a greater quality of living.

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