Mark, Set, Go!!

Monday started Day 1 of the 6 Week Hard Body Challenge at the Vancouver Training Camp. It was arm day. Needless to say, I haven’t done circuits since high school and didn’t do much free weights in my life. It’s only an hour. How bad could it be? Apparently, real bad for Jana.

No joke.

Not only have I NOT routinely exercised in a couple years, I have put on 20+ lbs, was horribly sick, and have tendonitis in both arms with a strained left thumb, I was sort of nervous, but I took precautions to not exasperate those tendons. I should have been more nervous. I won’t go into drastic details. Needless to say, I couldn’t move my arms to read my book before bedtime, nor update this blog. Hurt so bad, I wanted to cry. Took one ibuprofen and one cyclobenzaprine. Added an extra blanket to my bed and cranked up the heat. Took about 20 min for it to hit it, out like a light. I don’t think I would have survived without the 2 pills.

Day 2, Today.

Leg day. Well, at least I know my legs were stronger. I don’t think I would have made it to a second arm day. Leg day, difficult? Yes. Did I sweat like a pig in labor? Oink, oink. Lol. It wasn’t as gnarly, but as I lay here in bed, I’m definitely sore. For the first time ever, going to the gym (or any location dedicated to personal fitness), scares me. I’m really paranoid that my poor body will break. I feel nauseous thinking about it. New found feelings towards exercise for me! Lol.

My diet. The camp has some rules. The first, Read the Damn Instructions (RTDI). It has officially been implemented in my life. I spent 6 hours prepping and cooking meals for the next 5 days. When I finished, I had zero desire to eat. Moreover, I realised how poor my diet was because I didn’t even eat that much on a given day! I actually have to tell myself to eat. We eat every 2.5 – 3 hours. A meal, a protein, a meal, a protein. From the time we rise, til we go to bed.

I bet you want to know we eat. It’s a short list, so I can actually type it all out. Nothing processed of course.

Protein (6oz): chicken breast, turkey breast, 99% fat free ground turkey, egg whites, white fish, tuna (not from a can). 16 almonds.

For the in-between “protein”, we can drink a protein shake.

Carbs (1 cup): sweet potatoes, yams, red potatoes, brown rice, Jasmine rice, brown rice cakes, quinoa and oats

Veggies (1 cup): asparagus, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, green beans, celery, spinach, kale, zucchini (green dense veggies).

So, a meal consists of the above 3.

Condiments: any seasoning with zero calories. Plus, yellow mustard, hot sauce, homemade salsa, vinegar (balsamic and red wine), lime/lemon juice, pink Himalayan salt, ground pepper, Stevia (honestly not a fan of these sugar substitutes- I prefer sugar in the raw; can sugar. Oh well)

Drinks: no alcohol, black coffee only, unsweetened teas, zero calorie drinks, 16 oz of Gatorade a day.

You must drink 1 gallon of water a day no matter what.

Here’s some of my creations.

Egg whites, spinach, seasoned with salsa to go.

Turkey meatballs. πŸ™‚

* They were yummy, ate some tonight

I’ve been ornery. I’m sore. I’m hungry, I’m not hungry. Tired and then have a second wind. I didn’t take any ibuprofen, etc to take the edge off; I want my body to heal on its own. I am still taking the Plexus Triplex. I do notice I feel better. Overall, I feel more energy and a lot less overwhelmed.

Oh, my measurements were taken for this challenge at the camp. 143 lbs, 5’2″, 30% BMI. I’m going to try darn hard to drop 15 (not required). I don’t plan on just dropping the 5% minimum, but rather 8%. I absolutely don’t plan on losing my $500.

The way I’m exercising and sweating… with the crazy diet… there’s no way I can’t do that.

I probably won’t write anything tomorrow due to the foreseen arm routine πŸ˜‰

** edit. I caved and took 2 ibuprofen… πŸ˜‘πŸ˜” . Maybe just this week… ((sigh))

Drug Problem

Before you jump to conclusions, I’m referring to prescription medications and over the counter solutions for every ailment.

As I walked outside the radiology clinic, I thought, I hope all these “-ologists” I’ve been seeing the past 6-8 weeks are worth it. I haven’t seen a doctor for much of anything the past four years. No check-ups, no preventative, no monitoring… There were a few I was supposed to definitely be seeing, but weasel-ed my way out of them. Hey, don’t even comment unless you can say you’ve been on daily meds for even a year before you point the figure while saying you’d never do that.

You gotta love those who can’t fathom why anyone would stop, or forget, or not want something that they might have to take daily, twice a day or even 3 times! In reality, two of mine are twice a day; but I just down em both at the same time so I don’t forget.

Who wants their daily life clock revolving around a med schedule? My point exactly.

I’ve seen 4 different primary care physicians (PCP), a phlebotomist, a sonographer, an allergist, a pulmonologist, a psychiatrist, multiple RNs and RNAs in the past couple months. I’ve been weighed, had my blood pressure taken, and stuck with needles several times. Remember those things you insert your finger into that’s attached to a cord that comes from a machine that reads your pulse? Well, they are all blue tooth now. Today, I shook it around in front of the lady taking my vitals. To me it was funny. It’s even more funny as you use your loud whispering voice to communicate with them as they take your blood pressure (the old fashioned way with a stethoscope and inflating arm cuff).

Every single time I leave a physician’s office I feel like I personally cut down another tree in the amazon. The amount of paper that’s wasted on my to-go health stats packet. Two words… double-sided. I will never be without kindling. Worse, in big bold letters in it’s own subsection, a percentage followed by the status ‘overweight’. I get so downtrodden and depressed, but think, how the hell the does the rest of the population, who are fighting life and death weight problems, even get up in the morning. Do they even see light at the end of the tunnel??

The following, honest to gosh, is the list of the medications and supplements I take from morning to bedtime. Not to alarm anyone, when I’m “healed”, only the ones with the stars I’ll still be taking.

Morning: Plexus Slim and 2 Plexus BioCleanse*, Thorne Cysteplus, clonazepam* (klonopin), Buspirone (buspar)*, Benzonatate (tessalon perle), Montelukast, Metronidazole (Singular), albuterol, loratadine

Dinner: 2 Plexus BioCleanse*

Bedtime: 2 Plexus Probio 5*, Thorne Cysteplus, Clonazepam*, Escitalopram (lexapro)*, Lamotrigine (lamictal)*, Buspirone*, Benzonatate

The 2 hard core weeks where I almost rolled into the grave and coughed up both lungs, I had been downing:

Robitussin DM, Nyquill cough, Nyquil Day & Night, Theraflu, Muscinex, Delysum, Sudafed 12-hr, aspirin, ibuprofen. Then 2 prescribed anti-biotics.

I started wondering when the natural vs chemical substances become less effective because of this ingested cocktail. I do know that the over the counter stuff was not working; simply masking symptoms. Without the anti-biotics, I would have been in very bad shape.

I sleep tons. Tons! I have to be healed for this new exercise routine starting Monday!

Despite all the visits of late, I feel incredibly better. My cough is almost gone. It does act up sonetimes, but I’m not dying anymore.

Can’t wait to finish the meds I need to take for all the crap in my body. Can’t wait to reduce the meds I recurringly take. Can’t wait to put the ibuprofen and aspirin back in the cabinet. Excited to be eating healthy and clean.

While I know I’m walking a fine line of all the stuff I take, I feel that there was some benefit. But now, I am pretty much done with all these foreign substances. My body is saying, no more. Let your body heal itself.

About 2.5 weeks??

I thought I’d update my progress with Plex. At first, I thought it would be something I would be doing on a daily basis. It turns out, not much to say that frequently. I’m at my full doses of 1 Slim and 2 BioCleanse every morning. Two around dinner and 2 ProBio’s at bedtime. What I have noticed is that I really can feel the effects of the BioCleanse. It’s almost like a laxative that keeps you regular and I even just feel better knowing it’s cleaning out the crap in the intestines and gut. I’m not one to jump to conclusions about products in general and what they promise to do. I rather think nothing will happen and be happily surprised when it does. πŸ™‚ I do keep an open mind to the product. If you don’t allow yourself to experience possible change, then it probably won’t; or it won’t be as successful. Your mind is a very powerful thing and I think it can truly affect the effects of products we ingest. I’m not saying that it can eliminate the consequences of whatever we put in our system. For example, shrooms. Yes, the non-cooking kind we eat. The for fun kind. πŸ˜‰ I know that no matter how much I would want to believe it will not alter my body in any way, I know that to be false.

I can vouch for my bloat deflation.

There is an unofficial statement saying you most likely won’t notice anything significant for 3 months… funny how in that 3 months you’ve dumped $450 into a product hoping that it does. In any case, I’m waiting. Waiting for clearer skin, a more balanced mentality, a more regular digestive process, even the more energy that it claims will come to pass.

Oh, the serious cravings of sugar have subsided. In the beginning, I just stuffed my face with whatever I could get my hands on. I thought I was just hungry. lol. Unfortunately, I gained an extra 8 lbs. My training camp challenge starts the 26th, next week. Excited to see how Plex will work with the intense 6-week regimen. My diet will be micro-managed by the trainers as well. Between the two things I will have introduced into my physical life, I’m anxious and excited to see and feel the results.

Kodie Helmer, administrator, from the FB group “Gut Health and Happiness”.

Did you know your diet, gut health, and blood sugar balance affects your hormones? Long or painful periods, breakouts, or other hormone related issues may be resolved simply by changing your lifestyle!! How many friends do I have suffering from some of these things?

I personally had wonky miserable periods before Plexus. I would have serious mood shifts for a week before my cycle, I was bloated and HANGRY. I was tired. I would also break out in horrible large painful pimples that left scars on my chin, jawline, and sides of my nose. My periods were very heavy for 4 days then medium to light days 5 and 6
. NOW my periods are every 26 days on the dot, 1 light day, 1 heavy day, 1 light day….3 days TOTAL, what?! No cramps, no wanting to burn the house down or crawl in a hole with Ben & Jerry’s, this is one small step for this gal and one giant leap for all woman kind!!! Get you some of these herbs!!!


Women’s Checkup.

Okay, so a couple of things… does anyone else feel like their doctor suddenly knows EVERYTHING about your sex life after a pap smear? Anyone between your legs, I feel knows your story; or pretty darn close. They say your eyes are windows to the soul. I say your flower reveals your personal intimate “care”. I had the same male doc for 13 years – women checkups, not a big deal, he also knew my history. With my new female doc, it was a bit awkward. I know they don’t judge, but I swear, they are able to come up with “conclusions”.
Ok, prob TMI. But seriously, I feel like they “know things” after. Just saying.
Next thing. Who knew ultrasounds are now “inserted” for better vaginal examination?? Or that they even can be inserted? That explains the waaay cooler baby imaging moms have during pregnancy. She figured, I had never given birth, so she thought dropping that piece of info was important. Heck ya! I was like, “What”?? The very obvious facial expression only confirmed her assumption.
You may be asking, where is this crazy girl going with this post…
I don’t remember my last period. Seriously, between all the birth control pills and Nexplanon in my arm, who knows… it had been at least 4 years my doc and I concluded simply due to the Nexplanon timeline, but more like 6 to 10 we agreed. When she started to explain that it was something I should be actually concerned with, I started thinking, uh oh. Being bi-polar, every period was a psychotic breakdown; humongous trigger. I got moody about 3-4 days before, the pain was unbearable during the 6-7 days it lasted (heavy bleeding the first few days), and then my body needed a couple days after to recover from the crazy. Not to mention that I would have a period every other week, or maybe every so many months, or who knew really. Birth control packs have that one week where you take sugar pills, right? You’re supposed to have a period during that time. I never did. It had been happening from the beginning and I thought, “Okay… odd”. Didn’t spend a whole lot of time dwelling on it.
There was this one time I had signed up and paid for a beginners ice climbing trip on a glacier on Mt. Hood in Oregon. I had bled for about a month, stopped for about a week or so, but then had been bleeding for the past 6 weeks prior to the trip; still, I didn’t want to miss out on the definite adventure. I went. I was lethargic and lacked energy and strength (not to mention the glacier had been melting and had crept further up the mountain extending our hiking time significantly); even took a shortfall while I was trying to button up my pants after relieving myself. Yes, I was embarrassed. How could you not be? Now, my legs/knees were bleeding. It was a painful descent. After the day came to an end, I knew I couldn’t go the second day. I needed to come forth. They were really concerned that I was anemic at that point and told me I couldn’t go if I even if wanted too. Fortunately, there was a doctor, chiropractor and a search and rescue person on the trip. In reality, most didn’t want to go because the hike to the crevice was so long.
Back to my current predicament. About 5 years ago, I thought I was going to lose my insurance at one point, so I thought a more permanent solution would be to get an implant of some sort. I researched the ones that were placed in the uterus area (I think that’s where they are stationed). There was a slim chance it could move into the lining (possibly tearing it), and I didn’t want that to happen; even though it was rare. Still, I had a few friends that hated it, got lower back pain, sick, nauseated, etc. I skipped that idea. My doc introduced Nexplanon and was told that the hormones had a faster chance of hitting my blood stream and that it was a quick procedure; they just injected it into your arm (which couldn’t be closer to the truth). I was informed that initially, these types of birth control were not created to eliminate your period. In fact, it is technically a side effect of these types of birth controls. I hoped I would not get a period or significant weight gain. Science showed that some would continue to have periods, others spotting, and others, elimination! I was one of the lucky ones.
If was injected. Terrific! Shockingly, the first 2 months, maybe 3, I was an emotional disaster. Hormones had gone bat $hit crazy. I cried, screamed, yelled, freaked out, cried more, was up and down, all over. It was so bad, I had dreams of cutting it out of my arm. I must have called him a half dozen times that first month (which seemed like an eternity), to take it out. He said to be patient; my body hadn’t had a chance to let it do its thing. Brutal. Absolutely brutal. I didn’t see any of those symptoms listed in the possible adverse reactions anywhere.
Then, one day, the symptoms disappeared. It has been heaven ever since. They are good for 3 years, which I thought was a positive thing. I don’t believe foreign objects should be in your body for 5, 10, 20 years. Another reason, I opted for the Nexplanon. Three years came and went. I was due for another. Honestly, I was petrified. I couldn’t go through that nightmare again. The doctor let me know that since it was already in my body, there would be little noticeable transition. I did think that maybe it would be a good idea to let my body have a period, but fear won out. Who knows if my body would have even had a period? It’s been maybe a year and a half into my second.
My body has been transitioning indefinitely I feel. I’ve been having night sweats and heat flashes since my late twenties, early 30’s. Before I left my last doctor, I mentioned that my body was having the symptoms of a period, without real bleeding; which it couldn’t do on the birth control obviously. He had commented that maybe we should re-examine the advantages and disadvantages of the continued use of birth control. Unfortunately, I didn’t see him again. It would be about 2 years before I saw my next doctor, which was, ironically, yesterday. lol.
I gave her a brief recap of the aforementioned. I expressed my concern of eliminating birth control due to the adverse effect it had my stability of being bi-polar. I shared that starting two new businesses the past several years was a major stress factor and involved lots of coping and clonazepam (later became addicted; another story for another time). I knew that as part of the regime of taking my medications, I needed to exercise. A lot. Which I loved anyway. Being an adrenaline junkie, I took that in stride. But, the businesses took their toll, and I couldn’t get the stress out of the body like I needed to. Furthermore, around 35 I was dropped by my belayer in a rock climbing incident. It was about 25 feet up when the ledge I stood on, broke off. I landed flat on my back on the dirt floor (about a 1.5-year healing process). I also got frozen shoulder (which took over a year to get back to normal functioning; it stills acts up from time to time) from rugby when I was about 39 (I started playing at 36. By the way, it is by far one of the best sports in the world, but my stupidity caused the injury. Just a quick brag. I scored in a 7’s game, a for fun match, and yep, even a league game! A proud moment. We are in a nationally ranked, competitive league. When I walked onto the team, I had never even seen one game.
The past couple years have been years of recuperation. It has been a real struggle to deal with the weight gain, war zone on my face, decrease in my physical health, and mental depression of life failure (I had four auto accidents in the last year and a half (I totaled 2 vehicles; shouldn’t have lived through one, yet walked away). Technically had 1 reckless ticket, 2 DUI’s (not alcohol or illegal drugs) and a couple of speeding tickets. Before each of them, I was able to get the previous one dismissed. As a result, they thought it had been my first incident and I received leniency. You can ask later. Okay, moral of this paragraph, my health had been deteriorating and the medications needed to be re-evaluated (especially since I had been suspended from driving in Oregon; but not really since I had got my doctor’s evaluation sent in and it was overturned).
These are some things that helped me decide to get my physical life checked out. Besides seeing the doctors a few weeks ago when I thought I was going to die with my 102.5 fever, there I was again waiting in the lobby. When I admit that I don’t feel good, it’s a huge warning sign that I’M not doing good.
I’m getting a blood workup, ultrasounds and seeing an actual obgyn in a few weeks. After which we will conclude as what to do with the situation at hand.
Note. You should never go many, many years without a period. Very bad thing. And if you’re not on birth control and don’t have a period for like 6-8 months, also a bad thing. For the record, I never thought it was a good thing. I did actually think it was a bad thing, but I couldn’t figure out to have a period without disturbing my body’s homeostasis. My body has been clearly letting me know that it isn’t doing so good. I’ve put on 25-30 lbs the past month or so. It also is screaming it want’s a period. It’s having one anyway, with spotting (which never happened prior to the past few months). I would like a nice good cleaning as well.

Only YOU can prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia

If you know me, I always joke about having “old-timers”; since I was 25. I have been forgetting everything! I can’t remember where I’ve placed anything or who I did anything with.

I researched that by merely reading, brain storming, actually writing things down, one could actually decrease the speed or potential brain degeneration process. The main one I’m referring to is what one-site calls “Pillar 4”.

Back in the day I was an avid reader and loved all sorts of board games, puzzles, reasoning and problem solving- like Escape Rooms. After I read all the shocking statistics in the increase of “forgetting everything” by scientists everywhere, I thought, I’d better do something about this. STAT.

Two words. “The Notebook”. Aghhh!

I logged into my trusty, free-shipping Amazon Prime account. πŸ˜‰ I purchased “Molly’s Game” (Molly Bloom), “Ready Player One” (Ernest Cline), “12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soliders” (Doug Stanton), and “Of Course!: The Greatest Collection of Riddles & Brain Teasers For Expanding Your Mind” by Zach Guido.

I’ve been happily reading and problem solving along the way; fortunately, I actually do enjoy it. Just like exercising or being physically active. Neither are “tasks” nor things I despise. I’ve finished Molly’s Game and will be done with Ready Player One tomorrow I think. Yes, I’ve enjoyed both!

All this said, one of the the biggest preventors of Alzheimer’s?? EXERCISE! Yep. Now you have TWO reasons to getting your body moving. There are several reasons to be breaking a sweat or increasing your heart rate. But, if it’s to decrease your chances of forgetting who you are, don’t you think it might be something worthwhile to explore?

Meeee toooo! Exercise doesn’t have to be just about lifting weights, running miles, enduring Pilates or surving spin class. Stand up twinkle toes!

In any case, here’s why I wrote this post… I’m on my way to finding a happier, healthier lifestyle. I want to do it with the most enjoyment possible. Life is stressfull enough without having to constantly fear about how many ways our bodies are are going to “backfire” on us.

We know our brains will turn to mush because we don’t use them the way we need too. They don’t get the exercise they need. Today, we can just listen to our book. We can just watch it on the screen…and I mean every screen. *On a side note, we’ve all read stats on the numbers of how those who actually used a pen and paper to take notes (versus by laptop), have generally scored higher on exams. Just saying.

Oh yeah, here’s something else to think about..

It’s been 5 days on Plexus..

Ok. I realise that most comments about the first month on Plexus’ Tri-pack aren’t too motivating. Mostly about waiting…

Well, I’m not sure about everyone else, or if I’m an extremely (not just overweight) unhealthy person. My gut is a literal landfill of garbage. The second day in, I’ve had 1 to 2 bowel movements a day. Which, actually seem to help with my bloating. I don’t filled plugged up or as gasey. Which has been a nice change of pace. Not as lathargic, I’d hypothesize.

With the increased runs to the restroom, I’ve also found I’m hungry more. In a way, the more I “poop”, the more I “scoop”… up my fork or spoon. πŸ˜‚ Addressing my diet was something I had planned to do more about; but after I started Plexus and overcome the crazy illness I’ve had the past few months (I’ll share that later).

I’ve also got 23 days before an intense physical revamp is starting with a vigorous exercise schedule and strict eating schedule. 😯 But, it’s okay, right? THEE WHOLE REASON, I have this blog.

So, that’s my update.

Here’s what most of the purchasers of Plexus have shared with so far…