8 weeks later…

Yep, you’ve probably been wondering what happened to my challenge? After all, it’s been 6 weeks plus. I’m just pretty slammed with work…

Did I make the 5% and get my $500 snack-a-roos back? Nope. I lost 4.7%. I was pretty upset and disappointed in myself. I really didn’t comprehend how hard it was to loose 5% in 6 weeks. Is it possible; most likely or they wouldn’t put it out there as a legitimate challenge. Some people make it. To follow the diet to a T, was something I couldn’t really do. Not only that, I didn’t want to binge eat, from starving those 6 weeks, and put the weight and body fat back on right after it ended. I did eat pretty darn clean. But. I ate a little more realistically. I also did 3+ miles on some sort of cardio machine after my mandatory class and weight lifting. Oh, I lost 11 lbs btw. πŸ˜‰

At the beginning of this week, I figured I’d just weigh myself… legitimately nervous, because I had been cheating like crazy. Lol … I had a cleaning job that was exceptionally hard and I was short staffed. I filled in. It had only been a few days after my challenge.

I literally inhaled a grilled Ranch and bacon sandwich and a oreo shake!

An hour later, I was sicker than a dog. Not kidding. The sugar intake about killed me. I eat sweets occasionally, but my body doesn’t really accept it anymore. Which is a bonus actually.

I have still consistently exercised and go to the camps classes at least 4x a week, plus cardio, and anywhere from 30-60 min of weightlifting. The outcome?? Body fat stayed the same AND I lost another 1.8 lbs.

Moral of the story? You still gotta watch what you eat and how you eat it. You have to be educated on what creates the best environment for your body to excel at losing weight, decreasing body fat, toning up, building lean muscle. Creating a healthier digestive system is equally important. But the number 1 key? You gotta keep moving. You have to have a routine and stick with it, or all your hard work was a waste.

I don’t know of a single person who did the 20lb challenge in 6 weeks, fail. I honestly believe this program works. While I didn’t win, I got an additional 4 months free to help keep my habit of exercising DAILY. I also get a daily reminder of eating better, and I am a part of a group that supports each other in their goals. The knowledge I obtained, esp how to lift weights was invaluable… and I absolutely love it. I hadn’t lifted weights in any sport prior, nor did I have an interest.

I realise not all Transformation Camps are equal.

Some really don’t care if you are successful and just care about the money. They don’t really offer the emotional and mental support it takes to get you through the challenge. At the camp I attended, they are literally our cheerleaders.

If I broke it down to every class I attended in the 6 weeks, it was about $18. Most gyms of any athletic nature, will charge that for a 1 day pass. Most places don’t offer a 6 week pass; it’s one, six or 12 month packages. That costs quite a few bucks. Orange Theory, Barre 3 (something like that), climbing gyms, yoga or other classes, all cost about $100-150 a month.

It really is relative to what your goals are. How fast you want to achieve them or how motivated you are. Maybe you don’t have tons of time to dedicate to exercising or diet planning… it takes so much time and energy!!

I needed the $500 hanging over my head. It was what pushed me off the couch to get healthy. While I lost the money; I gained invaluable information that I didn’t know I’d stumble across.

Under any other circumstance, I would never have paid ANYONE to teach me anything, let alone get a membership. Lol. Of course I went in to it assuming I’d get my money back. Se la vie! No?!?

Was it worth it? Yeah, it really was. And realistically, it was a huge accomplishment. I mean seriously, 11lbs and almost 5% in body fat gone! Poof! And I’ve kept it off.

Most off all, I’ve never felt more alive, alert, healthy and happy in a damn long time. All the crap has been oozing from my body and my soul (physically, spiritually and mentally). I haven’t felt this great in years. I don’t think there was any other motivator strong enough to push myself like I did. But, I’m sure glad I went for it.

Day 29 of 30 (plus a weekend) Before Weigh-In Monday at 8am.

I just finished arm day with Ryan at The Camp Transformation Center. Oh Lordy. πŸ™ƒ

My FB Check-in Post:

Awesome UPPER body workout. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Having anxiety about failing my 5% goal. I feel LIKE I’ve done it… But not counting all my chicks yet… 🐣🐣πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯š

T H E. S T R E S S. A R G H!!!

If lifting weights in the gym for 1.5-2 hrs 4-5 days a week can’t eliminate the body fat… I got serious health issues…

I have lost a lot a ton of weight….which also reduces the noticeable “gain ” against body fat & and muscle… which SUCKS, since I need to show that difference.


If I’m out $500, it’ll SUCK a$$. NOT JOKING. I’LL CRY. 😭😭 Notwithstanding, I haven’t felt as healthy in a LONG time. Pretty stoked about it. Realistically, I don’t think I could have gotten to where I am without this regime. Simply WANTING, THINKING about, Or SETTING A goal, just WASN’T cutting it for me.

If you need ANY incentive, AT ALL, I’d honestly recommend this Camp Transformation. ANNNDD, I am going to put a plug out there for PLEXUS. The two together have done wonders to me on the inside and outside. If you want to know more, PM me.

I hate sales pitches… or selling anything… But I really DO think these helped. If you really want to experience what it’s like and what happens when you loose percentages in body fat*, you WILL NOT be disappointed. Such an incredible feeling.

*(OF COURSE dropping weight is crazy awesome… but for my proposes, I couldn’t loose 20 lbs… But I know a lot who did, who are proud and happy, and excellent examples for me – we all gots our own battles).

K. Getting off my soap box.