8 weeks later…

Yep, you’ve probably been wondering what happened to my challenge? After all, it’s been 6 weeks plus. I’m just pretty slammed with work…

Did I make the 5% and get my $500 snack-a-roos back? Nope. I lost 4.7%. I was pretty upset and disappointed in myself. I really didn’t comprehend how hard it was to loose 5% in 6 weeks. Is it possible; most likely or they wouldn’t put it out there as a legitimate challenge. Some people make it. To follow the diet to a T, was something I couldn’t really do. Not only that, I didn’t want to binge eat, from starving those 6 weeks, and put the weight and body fat back on right after it ended. I did eat pretty darn clean. But. I ate a little more realistically. I also did 3+ miles on some sort of cardio machine after my mandatory class and weight lifting. Oh, I lost 11 lbs btw. πŸ˜‰

At the beginning of this week, I figured I’d just weigh myself… legitimately nervous, because I had been cheating like crazy. Lol … I had a cleaning job that was exceptionally hard and I was short staffed. I filled in. It had only been a few days after my challenge.

I literally inhaled a grilled Ranch and bacon sandwich and a oreo shake!

An hour later, I was sicker than a dog. Not kidding. The sugar intake about killed me. I eat sweets occasionally, but my body doesn’t really accept it anymore. Which is a bonus actually.

I have still consistently exercised and go to the camps classes at least 4x a week, plus cardio, and anywhere from 30-60 min of weightlifting. The outcome?? Body fat stayed the same AND I lost another 1.8 lbs.

Moral of the story? You still gotta watch what you eat and how you eat it. You have to be educated on what creates the best environment for your body to excel at losing weight, decreasing body fat, toning up, building lean muscle. Creating a healthier digestive system is equally important. But the number 1 key? You gotta keep moving. You have to have a routine and stick with it, or all your hard work was a waste.

I don’t know of a single person who did the 20lb challenge in 6 weeks, fail. I honestly believe this program works. While I didn’t win, I got an additional 4 months free to help keep my habit of exercising DAILY. I also get a daily reminder of eating better, and I am a part of a group that supports each other in their goals. The knowledge I obtained, esp how to lift weights was invaluable… and I absolutely love it. I hadn’t lifted weights in any sport prior, nor did I have an interest.

I realise not all Transformation Camps are equal.

Some really don’t care if you are successful and just care about the money. They don’t really offer the emotional and mental support it takes to get you through the challenge. At the camp I attended, they are literally our cheerleaders.

If I broke it down to every class I attended in the 6 weeks, it was about $18. Most gyms of any athletic nature, will charge that for a 1 day pass. Most places don’t offer a 6 week pass; it’s one, six or 12 month packages. That costs quite a few bucks. Orange Theory, Barre 3 (something like that), climbing gyms, yoga or other classes, all cost about $100-150 a month.

It really is relative to what your goals are. How fast you want to achieve them or how motivated you are. Maybe you don’t have tons of time to dedicate to exercising or diet planning… it takes so much time and energy!!

I needed the $500 hanging over my head. It was what pushed me off the couch to get healthy. While I lost the money; I gained invaluable information that I didn’t know I’d stumble across.

Under any other circumstance, I would never have paid ANYONE to teach me anything, let alone get a membership. Lol. Of course I went in to it assuming I’d get my money back. Se la vie! No?!?

Was it worth it? Yeah, it really was. And realistically, it was a huge accomplishment. I mean seriously, 11lbs and almost 5% in body fat gone! Poof! And I’ve kept it off.

Most off all, I’ve never felt more alive, alert, healthy and happy in a damn long time. All the crap has been oozing from my body and my soul (physically, spiritually and mentally). I haven’t felt this great in years. I don’t think there was any other motivator strong enough to push myself like I did. But, I’m sure glad I went for it.

Day 29 of 30 (plus a weekend) Before Weigh-In Monday at 8am.

I just finished arm day with Ryan at The Camp Transformation Center. Oh Lordy. πŸ™ƒ

My FB Check-in Post:

Awesome UPPER body workout. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Having anxiety about failing my 5% goal. I feel LIKE I’ve done it… But not counting all my chicks yet… 🐣🐣πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯š

T H E. S T R E S S. A R G H!!!

If lifting weights in the gym for 1.5-2 hrs 4-5 days a week can’t eliminate the body fat… I got serious health issues…

I have lost a lot a ton of weight….which also reduces the noticeable “gain ” against body fat & and muscle… which SUCKS, since I need to show that difference.


If I’m out $500, it’ll SUCK a$$. NOT JOKING. I’LL CRY. 😭😭 Notwithstanding, I haven’t felt as healthy in a LONG time. Pretty stoked about it. Realistically, I don’t think I could have gotten to where I am without this regime. Simply WANTING, THINKING about, Or SETTING A goal, just WASN’T cutting it for me.

If you need ANY incentive, AT ALL, I’d honestly recommend this Camp Transformation. ANNNDD, I am going to put a plug out there for PLEXUS. The two together have done wonders to me on the inside and outside. If you want to know more, PM me.

I hate sales pitches… or selling anything… But I really DO think these helped. If you really want to experience what it’s like and what happens when you loose percentages in body fat*, you WILL NOT be disappointed. Such an incredible feeling.

*(OF COURSE dropping weight is crazy awesome… but for my proposes, I couldn’t loose 20 lbs… But I know a lot who did, who are proud and happy, and excellent examples for me – we all gots our own battles).

K. Getting off my soap box.

End of week 4 – Day 20 of 30

I’ve been slacking off on my posting. πŸ™ƒ But, so much learned the past couple weeks. First, I had my 3 week weigh in on Monday. Down 4 lbs and 2% body fat. Not where I wanted to be, nevertheless, they say I’m on track! Ok, the last 2 weeks ( and the past few days), I’ve ramped it up big time. HEAVY WEIGHTS. Lift heavy or you won’t burn any fat. Build muscle. Build muscle so that your body will still burn calories several hours after the high impact intensity training (HIIT). HIIT is what I’ve been doing… lol. I did not know. I thought it was just circuit training. That does explain why I sweat immensely.

I have implemented Cardio. Yep, me and Mr. Stairmaster have gotten to be pals. A “sweat buddy” 🀣🀣😜. Busting out 30-40 min, level 10, interval mode. It’s a start, but I should be killing an hour by the end of next week.

The one class a day at The Camp won’t do it for me anymore. I can’t believe after 3 weeks I feel fine after class. I used to be so exhausted, that I wanted to fall over and die. By 11pm, lights out no matter how hard I tried to keep working.

Wanted to share a few FB posts because I have shared stuff over there. Plus, it does mention other things I don’t feel like rewriting here. πŸ˜‰

March 12 – Day 11 of 30

I’ve been in this hard body challenge program, and have found it inspiring, substantiated with science, and supportive. I’ve also have lost 4 lbs. πŸ‘

While it’s all about losing at least 5% body fat, I’ve taken away realizations that have made me more appreciative of my situation.

1- It will ALWAYS be brutal starting any major physical health life change. BUT more brutal for others. I want to shout out to all those whose battles are 100x worse than mine. I used to watch Biggest Loser and couldn’t figure out why they were literally crying and upset from the exercise and diet routines. I was like, “Man up! Your quality of life depends on it”. Many times, their actual life.

Weeelllll, not so fast Jana! I used to be able to knock out 70 pushups… do sprints, climb mtns and rock walls! 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t do push ups and I was on my knees. Which has never happened to me. I started doing it on my toes last Wednesday.

I never TRIED, SWEATED nor shook so hard to give it my all. I don’t think I’ve ever gave actual near tears doing anything physical. Sure, there’s pain, disappointment, and anger sometimes. But that day… I found this huge respect for those who really have it physically worse than me. I can’t imagine the pain, mental turmoil they are facing. I don’t think I’d have the determination to even try to get off the floor. So, cheers to you who have fought and are fighting with me in the gym or in your homes. Hats off.

2- I never did free weights. Not much desire. Didnt see how they help with anything really. Well, grandma next to me is pumping 25lbs, and I barely have 8. Not to mention the core control and stability demanded to do these exercises correctly. I kept thinking, what a waste of time, when we could just go for a 3-5 mile run and knock the weight off! But for many of my challenge-mates, that is impossible. I have learned how to get more value of my workout in a shorter amount of time. With exception of stair-stepping for an hr (yeah, I burn about 300-450 calories), there is a lot of benefit to your body. It builds lean muscle. With proper diet (lots of protein, dense green veggies, carbs) and drinking a gallon of water a day, the weight and body fat melt off. I’ve learned a ton new exercises with weights, medicine balls, and objects to jump, dip, or step up on. Guess what? Yep, this gal did her whole workout in the weights section at LA Fitness. ✌😎

Don’t feel comfortable doing the gym thing? Overly body conscious?. Need help managing diet? Don’t want to be screamed at while doing reps? Find yourself the “Camp Transformation Center”closest to you. It’s worth it.
*Note, I’ll probably start running and hitting the rock climbing gym big time this week. I think my body needs something more for me to drop the fat and lbs. That’s a personal choice, not mandatory by the program.

March 13

Awesome leg day. I felt the burrrrnnnn, no joke.

I dread coming to the gym day after day. I mean, who does that? I don’t do ANYTHING “every” day. πŸ€” Secret, I barely function at 8am. But if I miss a day, you gotta go twice another day. So, that’s a morning AND an evening class. Morning choices are 5, 6, 8, and 9. Who works out at 5 am who doesn’t have to be coherent until 8am? πŸ˜‰

However, EVERYTIME I fnish a workout, I feel GREAT!! Really good on the inside. Like, I just kicked some a$$. πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

March 16

Check this out.
This whole diet change has been good… I SO FEEL AMAZING EXERCISING SO MUCH!!

But, who knew that eating a ton of stuff I didn’t normally consume as frequently, would manifest food allergies? Yep, my face has been inflamed, tender, itchy, dry and painful the past week. 😟

At the allergy center, they can only test 60 allergens at a time. And I have to wait 2-3 weeks to take the food allergy test… which doesn’t help my case. My diet ends 4 days After the date.

I’ll probably up and die before I get my food allergen test results. Or my face and ears will melt off my face. Both results would be a real bummer.

March 17

Yep. I’ve missed you plastic holds… Let’s get it on… we’re gonna be seeing a lot of each other in the future. ❀

I started climbing again… πŸ‘DID NOT break out of a 5.9. Did a lot of pyramid work, but the 10- was just a tad too much after an arm day and 3 climbing pyramids. What can you do….

March 22 – Day 19 of 30

New goal. I want to rock the DB lateral rise and reverse flies… literally 8 lb DBs is my max. πŸ˜“ WTF?!? πŸ€”πŸ˜” Sooo hard for Jana.

Flat/Incline chest presses and flies I’m coming in at 25 lb DBs. YEAH, that’s I’ve come a far way… they used to be 8/10 lb as well! 🀣🀣

Thanks Trisha TC Vancouver!


I was a walking, full of toxins (shit literally), and blubbery mess. This diet, exercise regime and, yes, Plexus, have helped me PURGE or squish out of every orifice, this goop. The sludge in my gut, in my pores, my internals, are exiting the body. I feel lighter, healthier, my mind is clearer; my perspective to see a bigger picture. My ability to be more patience, less depressed, less lethargic, less irritable has been refreshing experience.

I forgot how happy exercise made me! I knew it did, but now, I FEEL it. Game changer. I’ve missed you… it’s It’s literally vital for me, not only because of the obvious benefits; but with my bi-polar. Medicine is not a cure all; physical activity has always been a requirement. I’ve been able to almost kick my lorazepam (klonopin) to .5 mg a day. Well, sometimes at the end of my day, I’m really stressed and jittery- so I’ll take 1mg. Way better than the 4 mg I was on; vehicle accident after accident.

Hard Body Challenge- Day 6

Let me tell you… egg whites are disgusting. And it is entirely impossible to eat more than a few portioned amounts without throwing it all away cuz the thought makes your stomach upset. I made these egg white and spinach cups, with homemade Pico de Gallo. Remember a “meal” is 6oz meat, 1 cup carb, 1 cup dense green vegetables.

I’d eat the egg/spinach with red potato hash brown and alternate with chicken/quinoa (or red potatoes) and broccoli/celery. After 4 meals of egg/spinach, I dumped the other 5. Never been so happy. πŸ˜‰

This may be something you already know, but all “flour” is NOT always wheat. I thought flour was always a “wheat” thing, until I learned that it just means whatever grain’ish type product, you pulverize to death becomes “flour”. For example, oat, rye, spelt, buckwheat, barley, amaranth and a wide variety of “nuts”, call become a “flour”.

So, today I made bread (it’s what “they” call it). 3/4 egg white, 3/4 oat flour and 1.5 Scoops of protein powder. My protein powder is chocolate. As a yummy result, chocolate bread. It actually tasted good, a tad bland, but not bad. I think if I could have added oil, some sort of butter/margarine, and actually water (I don’t know if that affects bread denseness), it would have been pretty de-lish. At this point in the RTDI diet, the above or excluded.

Meanwhile, I managed to make sweet potatoes round fries, Turkey meatballs, and kale/spinach/ginger/lemon smoothies. As I am not really a chef, or cook much for that matter, I seasoned according to “taste”, and with whatever I could find in my cabinets.

It was a little confusing how many types and varieties any given “natural-state-of-food” can come in. Not to mention how many “substitutes ” exist for any given food thing. I remember having spaghetti made from squash with my roommates. It was definitely tasty, but I don’t think I would call it that.

I have always known how much I love all these “natural” juices and smoothies. But, taking out your Oester blender each time you make a single serving portion, with the clean-up to follow, sucked.

I went and bought a Ninja 900 watt 18 or 24 oz smoothie/juicer. Can’t wait to try it out in 2 hours. πŸ˜‰

Know of any blenders that are pretty awesome?

Mark, Set, Go!!

Monday started Day 1 of the 6 Week Hard Body Challenge at the Vancouver Training Camp. It was arm day. Needless to say, I haven’t done circuits since high school and didn’t do much free weights in my life. It’s only an hour. How bad could it be? Apparently, real bad for Jana.

No joke.

Not only have I NOT routinely exercised in a couple years, I have put on 20+ lbs, was horribly sick, and have tendonitis in both arms with a strained left thumb, I was sort of nervous, but I took precautions to not exasperate those tendons. I should have been more nervous. I won’t go into drastic details. Needless to say, I couldn’t move my arms to read my book before bedtime, nor update this blog. Hurt so bad, I wanted to cry. Took one ibuprofen and one cyclobenzaprine. Added an extra blanket to my bed and cranked up the heat. Took about 20 min for it to hit it, out like a light. I don’t think I would have survived without the 2 pills.

Day 2, Today.

Leg day. Well, at least I know my legs were stronger. I don’t think I would have made it to a second arm day. Leg day, difficult? Yes. Did I sweat like a pig in labor? Oink, oink. Lol. It wasn’t as gnarly, but as I lay here in bed, I’m definitely sore. For the first time ever, going to the gym (or any location dedicated to personal fitness), scares me. I’m really paranoid that my poor body will break. I feel nauseous thinking about it. New found feelings towards exercise for me! Lol.

My diet. The camp has some rules. The first, Read the Damn Instructions (RTDI). It has officially been implemented in my life. I spent 6 hours prepping and cooking meals for the next 5 days. When I finished, I had zero desire to eat. Moreover, I realised how poor my diet was because I didn’t even eat that much on a given day! I actually have to tell myself to eat. We eat every 2.5 – 3 hours. A meal, a protein, a meal, a protein. From the time we rise, til we go to bed.

I bet you want to know we eat. It’s a short list, so I can actually type it all out. Nothing processed of course.

Protein (6oz): chicken breast, turkey breast, 99% fat free ground turkey, egg whites, white fish, tuna (not from a can). 16 almonds.

For the in-between “protein”, we can drink a protein shake.

Carbs (1 cup): sweet potatoes, yams, red potatoes, brown rice, Jasmine rice, brown rice cakes, quinoa and oats

Veggies (1 cup): asparagus, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, green beans, celery, spinach, kale, zucchini (green dense veggies).

So, a meal consists of the above 3.

Condiments: any seasoning with zero calories. Plus, yellow mustard, hot sauce, homemade salsa, vinegar (balsamic and red wine), lime/lemon juice, pink Himalayan salt, ground pepper, Stevia (honestly not a fan of these sugar substitutes- I prefer sugar in the raw; can sugar. Oh well)

Drinks: no alcohol, black coffee only, unsweetened teas, zero calorie drinks, 16 oz of Gatorade a day.

You must drink 1 gallon of water a day no matter what.

Here’s some of my creations.

Egg whites, spinach, seasoned with salsa to go.

Turkey meatballs. πŸ™‚

* They were yummy, ate some tonight

I’ve been ornery. I’m sore. I’m hungry, I’m not hungry. Tired and then have a second wind. I didn’t take any ibuprofen, etc to take the edge off; I want my body to heal on its own. I am still taking the Plexus Triplex. I do notice I feel better. Overall, I feel more energy and a lot less overwhelmed.

Oh, my measurements were taken for this challenge at the camp. 143 lbs, 5’2″, 30% BMI. I’m going to try darn hard to drop 15 (not required). I don’t plan on just dropping the 5% minimum, but rather 8%. I absolutely don’t plan on losing my $500.

The way I’m exercising and sweating… with the crazy diet… there’s no way I can’t do that.

I probably won’t write anything tomorrow due to the foreseen arm routine πŸ˜‰

** edit. I caved and took 2 ibuprofen… πŸ˜‘πŸ˜” . Maybe just this week… ((sigh))

Drug Problem

Before you jump to conclusions, I’m referring to prescription medications and over the counter solutions for every ailment.

As I walked outside the radiology clinic, I thought, I hope all these “-ologists” I’ve been seeing the past 6-8 weeks are worth it. I haven’t seen a doctor for much of anything the past four years. No check-ups, no preventative, no monitoring… There were a few I was supposed to definitely be seeing, but weasel-ed my way out of them. Hey, don’t even comment unless you can say you’ve been on daily meds for even a year before you point the figure while saying you’d never do that.

You gotta love those who can’t fathom why anyone would stop, or forget, or not want something that they might have to take daily, twice a day or even 3 times! In reality, two of mine are twice a day; but I just down em both at the same time so I don’t forget.

Who wants their daily life clock revolving around a med schedule? My point exactly.

I’ve seen 4 different primary care physicians (PCP), a phlebotomist, a sonographer, an allergist, a pulmonologist, a psychiatrist, multiple RNs and RNAs in the past couple months. I’ve been weighed, had my blood pressure taken, and stuck with needles several times. Remember those things you insert your finger into that’s attached to a cord that comes from a machine that reads your pulse? Well, they are all blue tooth now. Today, I shook it around in front of the lady taking my vitals. To me it was funny. It’s even more funny as you use your loud whispering voice to communicate with them as they take your blood pressure (the old fashioned way with a stethoscope and inflating arm cuff).

Every single time I leave a physician’s office I feel like I personally cut down another tree in the amazon. The amount of paper that’s wasted on my to-go health stats packet. Two words… double-sided. I will never be without kindling. Worse, in big bold letters in it’s own subsection, a percentage followed by the status ‘overweight’. I get so downtrodden and depressed, but think, how the hell the does the rest of the population, who are fighting life and death weight problems, even get up in the morning. Do they even see light at the end of the tunnel??

The following, honest to gosh, is the list of the medications and supplements I take from morning to bedtime. Not to alarm anyone, when I’m “healed”, only the ones with the stars I’ll still be taking.

Morning: Plexus Slim and 2 Plexus BioCleanse*, Thorne Cysteplus, clonazepam* (klonopin), Buspirone (buspar)*, Benzonatate (tessalon perle), Montelukast, Metronidazole (Singular), albuterol, loratadine

Dinner: 2 Plexus BioCleanse*

Bedtime: 2 Plexus Probio 5*, Thorne Cysteplus, Clonazepam*, Escitalopram (lexapro)*, Lamotrigine (lamictal)*, Buspirone*, Benzonatate

The 2 hard core weeks where I almost rolled into the grave and coughed up both lungs, I had been downing:

Robitussin DM, Nyquill cough, Nyquil Day & Night, Theraflu, Muscinex, Delysum, Sudafed 12-hr, aspirin, ibuprofen. Then 2 prescribed anti-biotics.

I started wondering when the natural vs chemical substances become less effective because of this ingested cocktail. I do know that the over the counter stuff was not working; simply masking symptoms. Without the anti-biotics, I would have been in very bad shape.

I sleep tons. Tons! I have to be healed for this new exercise routine starting Monday!

Despite all the visits of late, I feel incredibly better. My cough is almost gone. It does act up sonetimes, but I’m not dying anymore.

Can’t wait to finish the meds I need to take for all the crap in my body. Can’t wait to reduce the meds I recurringly take. Can’t wait to put the ibuprofen and aspirin back in the cabinet. Excited to be eating healthy and clean.

While I know I’m walking a fine line of all the stuff I take, I feel that there was some benefit. But now, I am pretty much done with all these foreign substances. My body is saying, no more. Let your body heal itself.

About 2.5 weeks??

I thought I’d update my progress with Plex. At first, I thought it would be something I would be doing on a daily basis. It turns out, not much to say that frequently. I’m at my full doses of 1 Slim and 2 BioCleanse every morning. Two around dinner and 2 ProBio’s at bedtime. What I have noticed is that I really can feel the effects of the BioCleanse. It’s almost like a laxative that keeps you regular and I even just feel better knowing it’s cleaning out the crap in the intestines and gut. I’m not one to jump to conclusions about products in general and what they promise to do. I rather think nothing will happen and be happily surprised when it does. πŸ™‚ I do keep an open mind to the product. If you don’t allow yourself to experience possible change, then it probably won’t; or it won’t be as successful. Your mind is a very powerful thing and I think it can truly affect the effects of products we ingest. I’m not saying that it can eliminate the consequences of whatever we put in our system. For example, shrooms. Yes, the non-cooking kind we eat. The for fun kind. πŸ˜‰ I know that no matter how much I would want to believe it will not alter my body in any way, I know that to be false.

I can vouch for my bloat deflation.

There is an unofficial statement saying you most likely won’t notice anything significant for 3 months… funny how in that 3 months you’ve dumped $450 into a product hoping that it does. In any case, I’m waiting. Waiting for clearer skin, a more balanced mentality, a more regular digestive process, even the more energy that it claims will come to pass.

Oh, the serious cravings of sugar have subsided. In the beginning, I just stuffed my face with whatever I could get my hands on. I thought I was just hungry. lol. Unfortunately, I gained an extra 8 lbs. My training camp challenge starts the 26th, next week. Excited to see how Plex will work with the intense 6-week regimen. My diet will be micro-managed by the trainers as well. Between the two things I will have introduced into my physical life, I’m anxious and excited to see and feel the results.

Kodie Helmer, administrator, from the FB group “Gut Health and Happiness”.

Did you know your diet, gut health, and blood sugar balance affects your hormones? Long or painful periods, breakouts, or other hormone related issues may be resolved simply by changing your lifestyle!! How many friends do I have suffering from some of these things?

I personally had wonky miserable periods before Plexus. I would have serious mood shifts for a week before my cycle, I was bloated and HANGRY. I was tired. I would also break out in horrible large painful pimples that left scars on my chin, jawline, and sides of my nose. My periods were very heavy for 4 days then medium to light days 5 and 6
. NOW my periods are every 26 days on the dot, 1 light day, 1 heavy day, 1 light day….3 days TOTAL, what?! No cramps, no wanting to burn the house down or crawl in a hole with Ben & Jerry’s, this is one small step for this gal and one giant leap for all woman kind!!! Get you some of these herbs!!!