End of week 4 – Day 20 of 30

I’ve been slacking off on my posting. πŸ™ƒ But, so much learned the past couple weeks. First, I had my 3 week weigh in on Monday. Down 4 lbs and 2% body fat. Not where I wanted to be, nevertheless, they say I’m on track! Ok, the last 2 weeks ( and the past few days), I’ve ramped it up big time. HEAVY WEIGHTS. Lift heavy or you won’t burn any fat. Build muscle. Build muscle so that your body will still burn calories several hours after the high impact intensity training (HIIT). HIIT is what I’ve been doing… lol. I did not know. I thought it was just circuit training. That does explain why I sweat immensely.

I have implemented Cardio. Yep, me and Mr. Stairmaster have gotten to be pals. A “sweat buddy” 🀣🀣😜. Busting out 30-40 min, level 10, interval mode. It’s a start, but I should be killing an hour by the end of next week.

The one class a day at The Camp won’t do it for me anymore. I can’t believe after 3 weeks I feel fine after class. I used to be so exhausted, that I wanted to fall over and die. By 11pm, lights out no matter how hard I tried to keep working.

Wanted to share a few FB posts because I have shared stuff over there. Plus, it does mention other things I don’t feel like rewriting here. πŸ˜‰

March 12 – Day 11 of 30

I’ve been in this hard body challenge program, and have found it inspiring, substantiated with science, and supportive. I’ve also have lost 4 lbs. πŸ‘

While it’s all about losing at least 5% body fat, I’ve taken away realizations that have made me more appreciative of my situation.

1- It will ALWAYS be brutal starting any major physical health life change. BUT more brutal for others. I want to shout out to all those whose battles are 100x worse than mine. I used to watch Biggest Loser and couldn’t figure out why they were literally crying and upset from the exercise and diet routines. I was like, “Man up! Your quality of life depends on it”. Many times, their actual life.

Weeelllll, not so fast Jana! I used to be able to knock out 70 pushups… do sprints, climb mtns and rock walls! 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t do push ups and I was on my knees. Which has never happened to me. I started doing it on my toes last Wednesday.

I never TRIED, SWEATED nor shook so hard to give it my all. I don’t think I’ve ever gave actual near tears doing anything physical. Sure, there’s pain, disappointment, and anger sometimes. But that day… I found this huge respect for those who really have it physically worse than me. I can’t imagine the pain, mental turmoil they are facing. I don’t think I’d have the determination to even try to get off the floor. So, cheers to you who have fought and are fighting with me in the gym or in your homes. Hats off.

2- I never did free weights. Not much desire. Didnt see how they help with anything really. Well, grandma next to me is pumping 25lbs, and I barely have 8. Not to mention the core control and stability demanded to do these exercises correctly. I kept thinking, what a waste of time, when we could just go for a 3-5 mile run and knock the weight off! But for many of my challenge-mates, that is impossible. I have learned how to get more value of my workout in a shorter amount of time. With exception of stair-stepping for an hr (yeah, I burn about 300-450 calories), there is a lot of benefit to your body. It builds lean muscle. With proper diet (lots of protein, dense green veggies, carbs) and drinking a gallon of water a day, the weight and body fat melt off. I’ve learned a ton new exercises with weights, medicine balls, and objects to jump, dip, or step up on. Guess what? Yep, this gal did her whole workout in the weights section at LA Fitness. ✌😎

Don’t feel comfortable doing the gym thing? Overly body conscious?. Need help managing diet? Don’t want to be screamed at while doing reps? Find yourself the “Camp Transformation Center”closest to you. It’s worth it.
*Note, I’ll probably start running and hitting the rock climbing gym big time this week. I think my body needs something more for me to drop the fat and lbs. That’s a personal choice, not mandatory by the program.

March 13

Awesome leg day. I felt the burrrrnnnn, no joke.

I dread coming to the gym day after day. I mean, who does that? I don’t do ANYTHING “every” day. πŸ€” Secret, I barely function at 8am. But if I miss a day, you gotta go twice another day. So, that’s a morning AND an evening class. Morning choices are 5, 6, 8, and 9. Who works out at 5 am who doesn’t have to be coherent until 8am? πŸ˜‰

However, EVERYTIME I fnish a workout, I feel GREAT!! Really good on the inside. Like, I just kicked some a$$. πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

March 16

Check this out.
This whole diet change has been good… I SO FEEL AMAZING EXERCISING SO MUCH!!

But, who knew that eating a ton of stuff I didn’t normally consume as frequently, would manifest food allergies? Yep, my face has been inflamed, tender, itchy, dry and painful the past week. 😟

At the allergy center, they can only test 60 allergens at a time. And I have to wait 2-3 weeks to take the food allergy test… which doesn’t help my case. My diet ends 4 days After the date.

I’ll probably up and die before I get my food allergen test results. Or my face and ears will melt off my face. Both results would be a real bummer.

March 17

Yep. I’ve missed you plastic holds… Let’s get it on… we’re gonna be seeing a lot of each other in the future. ❀

I started climbing again… πŸ‘DID NOT break out of a 5.9. Did a lot of pyramid work, but the 10- was just a tad too much after an arm day and 3 climbing pyramids. What can you do….

March 22 – Day 19 of 30

New goal. I want to rock the DB lateral rise and reverse flies… literally 8 lb DBs is my max. πŸ˜“ WTF?!? πŸ€”πŸ˜” Sooo hard for Jana.

Flat/Incline chest presses and flies I’m coming in at 25 lb DBs. YEAH, that’s I’ve come a far way… they used to be 8/10 lb as well! 🀣🀣

Thanks Trisha TC Vancouver!


I was a walking, full of toxins (shit literally), and blubbery mess. This diet, exercise regime and, yes, Plexus, have helped me PURGE or squish out of every orifice, this goop. The sludge in my gut, in my pores, my internals, are exiting the body. I feel lighter, healthier, my mind is clearer; my perspective to see a bigger picture. My ability to be more patience, less depressed, less lethargic, less irritable has been refreshing experience.

I forgot how happy exercise made me! I knew it did, but now, I FEEL it. Game changer. I’ve missed you… it’s It’s literally vital for me, not only because of the obvious benefits; but with my bi-polar. Medicine is not a cure all; physical activity has always been a requirement. I’ve been able to almost kick my lorazepam (klonopin) to .5 mg a day. Well, sometimes at the end of my day, I’m really stressed and jittery- so I’ll take 1mg. Way better than the 4 mg I was on; vehicle accident after accident.