Only YOU can prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia

If you know me, I always joke about having “old-timers”; since I was 25. I have been forgetting everything! I can’t remember where I’ve placed anything or who I did anything with.

I researched that by merely reading, brain storming, actually writing things down, one could actually decrease the speed or potential brain degeneration process. The main one I’m referring to is what one-site calls “Pillar 4”.

Back in the day I was an avid reader and loved all sorts of board games, puzzles, reasoning and problem solving- like Escape Rooms. After I read all the shocking statistics in the increase of “forgetting everything” by scientists everywhere, I thought, I’d better do something about this. STAT.

Two words. “The Notebook”. Aghhh!

I logged into my trusty, free-shipping Amazon Prime account. 😉 I purchased “Molly’s Game” (Molly Bloom), “Ready Player One” (Ernest Cline), “12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soliders” (Doug Stanton), and “Of Course!: The Greatest Collection of Riddles & Brain Teasers For Expanding Your Mind” by Zach Guido.

I’ve been happily reading and problem solving along the way; fortunately, I actually do enjoy it. Just like exercising or being physically active. Neither are “tasks” nor things I despise. I’ve finished Molly’s Game and will be done with Ready Player One tomorrow I think. Yes, I’ve enjoyed both!

All this said, one of the the biggest preventors of Alzheimer’s?? EXERCISE! Yep. Now you have TWO reasons to getting your body moving. There are several reasons to be breaking a sweat or increasing your heart rate. But, if it’s to decrease your chances of forgetting who you are, don’t you think it might be something worthwhile to explore?

Meeee toooo! Exercise doesn’t have to be just about lifting weights, running miles, enduring Pilates or surving spin class. Stand up twinkle toes!

In any case, here’s why I wrote this post… I’m on my way to finding a happier, healthier lifestyle. I want to do it with the most enjoyment possible. Life is stressfull enough without having to constantly fear about how many ways our bodies are are going to “backfire” on us.

We know our brains will turn to mush because we don’t use them the way we need too. They don’t get the exercise they need. Today, we can just listen to our book. We can just watch it on the screen…and I mean every screen. *On a side note, we’ve all read stats on the numbers of how those who actually used a pen and paper to take notes (versus by laptop), have generally scored higher on exams. Just saying.

Oh yeah, here’s something else to think about..