In the beginning…

This blog was an impulsive idea to keep track of my progress of getting my body back to the way it was when I was living the life of being in great shape. The way I felt about my outward self had been governing whether or not I was generally happy, and my ability to cope with life’s ups and downs. As I realized my battle with body homeostasis wasn’t just about quickly losing pounds, I had to step back to really figure out the innerworkings my body.

My overall well-being has other direct elements that should be identified. As an older women, my body has been changing. I’ve been on prescription meds since I was 23, and allergic to all trees, grasses and plants in the Northwest. Health living and inner peace takes into account all aspects of ones self.

I’m an over communicator, a story teller and rambler. I can be overly sarcastic and brutally honest. It’s just how I am. A friend told me once, that I could literally carry on a conversation with a leaf (we were hiking at the time and she pointed to a yellow one on the ground).

I’m extremely hard on myself. This past two years, I’ve been consumed with my body image and decreased activity level; injuries have been a contributing factor. I swear I have early onset Alzheimer’s, going blind and smell like a stuffy room that needs fresh air! I self inflict constant pressure to look my best anywhere there is a gathering of people. Since I haven’t been “looking great”, I have shied away from events and camaraderie. I’m also getting older. That’s just life. In my latter 30’s, I noticed how long it was taking me to heal from injuries; and my recovery time after a night of partying, now took several days.

What I am about to share, is how I’m kick-starting my body. Body rejuvenation at 40. I’m not actually 40, I’m 41.5…. but, the blog title wouldn’t sound as cool.

Maybe you’ll find these posts insightful, or maybe not. You may find them ridiculous, boring, redundant of other blogs. If not a single soul reads this, at least I get a place to write down my thoughts (for $4 a month).

Thanks for joining me on my “journey to happiness and learning”. Cliche? I know.

“Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda