About 2.5 weeks??

I thought I’d update my progress with Plex. At first, I thought it would be something I would be doing on a daily basis. It turns out, not much to say that frequently. I’m at my full doses of 1 Slim and 2 BioCleanse every morning. Two around dinner and 2 ProBio’s at bedtime. What I have noticed is that I really can feel the effects of the BioCleanse. It’s almost like a laxative that keeps you regular and I even just feel better knowing it’s cleaning out the crap in the intestines and gut. I’m not one to jump to conclusions about products in general and what they promise to do. I rather think nothing will happen and be happily surprised when it does. 🙂 I do keep an open mind to the product. If you don’t allow yourself to experience possible change, then it probably won’t; or it won’t be as successful. Your mind is a very powerful thing and I think it can truly affect the effects of products we ingest. I’m not saying that it can eliminate the consequences of whatever we put in our system. For example, shrooms. Yes, the non-cooking kind we eat. The for fun kind. 😉 I know that no matter how much I would want to believe it will not alter my body in any way, I know that to be false.

I can vouch for my bloat deflation.

There is an unofficial statement saying you most likely won’t notice anything significant for 3 months… funny how in that 3 months you’ve dumped $450 into a product hoping that it does. In any case, I’m waiting. Waiting for clearer skin, a more balanced mentality, a more regular digestive process, even the more energy that it claims will come to pass.

Oh, the serious cravings of sugar have subsided. In the beginning, I just stuffed my face with whatever I could get my hands on. I thought I was just hungry. lol. Unfortunately, I gained an extra 8 lbs. My training camp challenge starts the 26th, next week. Excited to see how Plex will work with the intense 6-week regimen. My diet will be micro-managed by the trainers as well. Between the two things I will have introduced into my physical life, I’m anxious and excited to see and feel the results.

Kodie Helmer, administrator, from the FB group “Gut Health and Happiness”.

Did you know your diet, gut health, and blood sugar balance affects your hormones? Long or painful periods, breakouts, or other hormone related issues may be resolved simply by changing your lifestyle!! How many friends do I have suffering from some of these things?

I personally had wonky miserable periods before Plexus. I would have serious mood shifts for a week before my cycle, I was bloated and HANGRY. I was tired. I would also break out in horrible large painful pimples that left scars on my chin, jawline, and sides of my nose. My periods were very heavy for 4 days then medium to light days 5 and 6
. NOW my periods are every 26 days on the dot, 1 light day, 1 heavy day, 1 light day….3 days TOTAL, what?! No cramps, no wanting to burn the house down or crawl in a hole with Ben & Jerry’s, this is one small step for this gal and one giant leap for all woman kind!!! Get you some of these herbs!!!